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The Formation

he Guild was formed in 1945 by four or five of Coventry's amateur artists who shared a common interest in the Arts, especially painting and sketching.

he aim of the Guild was to encourage the Coventry painters to get together with the idea of learning from one another to improve their skills and knowledge. Despite the fact that they only met once a month, the membership grew. They began to hold exhibitions in the City centre and outlying towns and villages. They even won permission to hold an annual exhibition in the Herbert Art Gallery.

bout fifteen years ago, the guild realised that the best way to get would be artists to pick up a brush and really attempt to paint would be to get them under one roof with like minded beginners and offer advice, tuition and help when they wanted it. So the workshops were born.

The Workshops

he Workshops started about 1995 with the aim of encouraging would-be artists to make a start with other like minded people under one roof, with help and advice at hand whenever it was wanted. The aim was to improve the overall standard with a view to their becoming full members of the Guild. As full members they would enjoy the benefits of Demonstration nights, critical assessment of their work and displaying their works in Exhibitions run by the Guild.
by Tom Cain