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Coventry Art Guild: Recent Events and Activities

Monday 5th February 2017

O ur February monthly Monday evening was designated as a critique night. We had a guest artist, Paul Maddocks, with us to help with the assessment.

T he artwork brought in by the members for the evening session was, as usual varied and wide ranging, in media, technique and subject matter. This can be seen in the selection here.

feb1801 feb1802 feb1803

feb1805 feb1804 feb1806

feb1807 feb1808 feb1809

O ur visitor, Paul, said that he was very impressed by the quality of the works. The evening was a success and gave members an opportunity to see other members art in a relaxed way.

Monday 4th December 2017

F or our December first Monday we were promised something spectacular. We were honoured to welcome an International Coventry Artist, James Harper, and he delivered. His work was stunning and the effects were indeed spectacular.

Brian Dickinson
F or much of his work he relies upon the effect of ultra violet light to raise his paintings to another level. With it he is able to alter a painting from a daytime view to a night time view, or introduce a ghost effect.

design to pic
glass cutting coppering
O ne of his painting was a stained glass window. With the ultra violet lighting it looked like the real thing rather than a painting.

Brian Dickinson
artwork 1
W ith the use of some special glasses, he was able to add yet another dimension to his work. The effect was truly 3 dimensional.

H is demonstration brought many ‘Wows’, and an invitation to return and show his work to those in the Guild who, for whatever reason, missed out on this occasion. Many thanks to James for an evening to be remembered

Monday 2nd October 2017

O ctobers guest artist, once again, brought something different for us to look at. Brian Dickinson is an Artist in stained glass. He brought along several examples of his work and proved that it is indeed Art, even if in a form that we don’t often consider.

Brian Dickinson
H e described and demonstrated his methodology, showing us how he was able to formulate an idea and transform it into a design suitable for his material, and then into a finished work.

design to pic
glass cutting coppering artwork 1
S ome of us had a go at glass cutting, an essential skill in this art form. Although we were not as accomplished as Brian himself, we were able to appreciate the skill and effort in completing his pieces.

artwork 2
artwork3 artwork 4 artwork 5
A ll told, an enjoyable evening with a difference, Many thanks are due to Brian for his time and patience.

The Open Arts Trail, September 23rd and 24th 2017

A   number of our members took part in the North Warwickshire Art Trail. In spite of difficulties, such as a change of venue at the very last moment, things came together and the Guild put on a good display and attracted some attention for the quality of the art exhibited.

Neil's art
T his was only the second year for the Trail, and if the improvement this year over the first one last year is anything to go by, taking part next year is certainly worth considering.

Jackie's pics
Jon's pics
I f a sale is the criteria of success, then two good sales must signify some success at least.

Jean's art
Roger's pics

Monday 4th September 2017

I n September we held another of our sketching evenings. Several objects were available to sketch, but it was just two of them that were chosen.

scottish doll
arabic pot

A s usual there was a variety of media in use along with some different styles.

pencil doll
pencil pot 1
watercolour doll
pencil pot 2

A n enjoyable evening, with some accomplished results. This in spite of the fact that neither object was particularly simple.
pot 3
doll 3

Monday 7th August 2017

O n the first Monday in August we welcomed Jennifer Shufflebotham from Coventry University’s Lanchester Library. She came with a pile of drawings sketches and goodies, and provided something very different from the usual.

Jenny 1
Jenny 2
S he has a role with the Library as an outreach worker, promoting the Lanchester Interactive Archive of the work of Frederick Lanchester. He was a prolific inventor of innovations for motor cars, aeroplanes and almost anything else that caught his imagination. Jennifer brought copies of many of his sketches for potential patents, which showed just how broad his imagination was, and why he produced such a range of works.

Frederick and George
tipped up wings
horseless carriage
T he whole Lanchester family were imaginative, and we were also able to view his sisters paintings and a photograph of a set of walking canes beautifully carved by another of the family.

early Lanchester
S ometimes described as Coventry’s Leonardo da Vinci, the glimpse we were given into the inner workings of the mind of Frederick Lanchester was fascinating and extremely interesting. A great and unusual evening.

Godiva Festival: July 8/9th 2017

W e had a presence at the Godiva Festival on the Saturday and the Sunday 8th and 9th July. A good display of pictures was put up, with some variations during each of the days. There were also flyers and invitations on the tables.

Artist in residence
advertising ourselves

selection 2

T he weekend was a great success and a number of our visitors promised to come along and joi our Wednesday sessions. It remains to be seen how many come along, but every one who does is one more to add to our numbers.

July 3rd 2017

W e had a visit from an artist new to the Guild for a critique night on our first Monday of the month session. Kate Wiltshire is a Warwckshire Artist who exhibits in Warwick and on the Warwickshire Art Trail. She brough a selection of her work along, and we were able to see that her Art covered a range of styles. She works in acrylic and pastel in the main, though uses other mediums as well.

H er comments about the various paintings brought along for the evening were fair, balanced and constructive. As usual the pieces reviewed varied in style, the medium used, and subject. Thus we saw portriats, land and seascapes, pencil work and abstract art.
Mountain scene

Pencil portrait
T he evening went all too quickly. We were all in agreement however, that it had been useful and enjoyable. We would hope that Kate will be able to return on another occassion.

June 5th 2017

F or our Monday session in June, we welcomed back Guild member, George Borg. As always he managed to intrigue us with his insight, and provide instruction to help in our artwork for the future.


H e showed us various possible formats that could provide an aesthetically pleasing balance to any composition.

W e have seen from his work that he researches his subjects thoroughly, and he commended the practice to us. We have also noted that when he works on his art he takes elements of it and produces seperate sketches to ensure a good final product. He suggested that such sketches should be part of our own methodology, noting that it was a demonstrable part of the working of many of the classical artists

part artwork
A s a practical exercise, encompasing some of the ideas, he handed out prints of a number of classical artworks and asked us to take a portion of the picture and produce our own sketch.

artistat work
A t the end of the evening it was clear that everyone had found it useful and enjoyed the experience. Indeed several of those present asked when he would be returning. George agreed to be prepared to hold another session when he was asked. Our thanks to him for a very interesting evening.

April 3rd 2017

T he first Monday in March brought Nick LeMesuirier, a new visitor to the Guild, as a model. Nick is an experienced model and during the course of the evening gave us three different poses.

model nick
model nick standing

T he evening went all too quickly, as we worked on our sketches. Styles varied not only between the artists but also in some cases between different sketches from the same artist. The medium used varied too, from pencil, through charcoal to watercolour. Considering that the longest pose lasted around half an hour, the results must be considered to be good. If we had any doubt about this, Nick reviewd the work and praised the artists for the quality of the sketches produced.

charccoal sketch
watercolour sketch
George's sketches

T he question might well be asked whether it is still a life sketch, if a photogph is taken and the sketch worked from that. However when the ways in which the classic masters worked, using whatever technology that as available, there cannot be a problem.

using camera
A ll told it was a very enjoyable evening, and we are very grateful to Nick for his time.

February 6th 2017

T he first Monday session of 2017 was a sketching evening. The subject was concerned with the teaching methods of Leonardo Da Vinci. There were nine areas that he told his students that they should concentrate upon in order to improve their artistic abilities. A handout had been prepared summarising these and providing copies of some of his sketches and other pictures to illustrate the points.

D a Vinci's 9 instructions to his students.


  1. Draw Moving objects
  2. Copy from the Masters
  3. Understand Perspective
  4. Draw the Divine and the Grotesque
  5. Fix things in Your Mind Through Practice with Models
  6. Draw in the Company of Other Artists
  7. Practice Drawing Clothing and Drapery
  8. Draw from Multiple Angles
  9. Draw in your Mnds Eye

T wo issues were highlighted that were suitable for practice in the session. These concerned copying work from the master, and sketching both the beautiful and the grotesque. It was felt that by working on a subject which differed fom those that we normally chose to draw, we might gain some new experience.

large lady

E ach of the members present chose a different subject, and produced a sketch with pencil and/or charcoal. The results were very pleasing and the experience was apparently well received.

grotesque face
folded cloth