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The archive is a repository of articles about some of the events previously held by the Guild.
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Exhibition in the Lower Precinct
on Saturday 26th November 2011

overview of exhibition

On Saturday 26th November the Guild returned to the Lower Precinct in Coventry City Centre for their second exhibition this year. A good selection of members pictures were on display, and they were representative of the variety of work produced within the Guild.

public viewing work

Before all the pictures were in place visitors began to show some interest. During the course of the day the display of pictures proved to be of interest to many of the Precinct's shoppers who stopped to take a closer look.

some of the pictures

The venue in the heart of the city provides an opportunity to demonstrate the talents of the Guild Members to some of Coventry's inhabitants who might otherwise never have heard of us.

By the end of the day 5 pictures had been sold. Given the economic situation this was seen as a good result, and in fact superseeded the previous total. The fact that there were sales, together with the interest shown, helps to promote the Guild.

All told the occasion can be counted as a success.

by Jon Plumley


Critique Night with David Rees
on Monday 7th November 2011


Guild members were delighted to welcome David Rees to their critique night. This was not David's first visit so those members present knew that it would be a good and instructive evening, and they were not disappointed.

portrait being assessed

As usual the paintings brought by the members covered a range of subjects produced by different techniques using various media. These included portraits, landscapes, semi abstract pictures and still life. It appeared that some members had produced pictures that varied from their usual styles. Whether this was a deliberate attempt to confuse the other members or not however, was never disclosed.

David Rees and a landscape

It was good to know that David was able to acknowledge a good standard of work. That though did not prevent him from offering advice about possible additional colouring, shadow and highlighting etc.

artist at work

All round an enjoyable evening. The Guild is grateful to David for his time and we look forward to further visits in the future.

by Jon Plumley, photographs courtesy of Alan Smith


A Demonstration by Pat Freeman
on Monday 3rd October 2011

Guild Members were treated to a fascinating night with Pat Freeman demonstrating portraiture in oils. Pat had brought a number of sketches with her which she used to demonstrate some of the different postures of the heads, giving rise to variety in the sketches.

Our visitor extolled upon us the need to look carefully at each sitter in order to 'see' the variety of colours present.

Pat continued working with a sketch (One she had prepared earlier) by adding highlights contrasts and additional colours. As she worked the portrait began to gain life and solidity.

Sitting for portrait artist

After an interval for refreshments we were granted a second demonstration. This time with a sitter and a blank canvas. Once again as she worked the lines of paint transformed themselves into an outline of a head. As more paint was added the shape became a more recognisable portrait.

artist at work

Pat explained that using oils it was necessary to allow the work to dry between stages, and she would therefore expect to need at least two or three sittings to produce a finished portrait.

The visit by our guest was warmly appreciated, and we look forward to a return visit with perhaps the opportunity to participate and try our hands.

by Jon Plumley


Critique Night with Victoria Parsons
on Monday 5th September 2011


The evening was well attended by Guild members who brought a wide variety of pictures for a critical assessment. Our visiting artist Victoria Parsons was warmly welcomed and her comments and suggestions throughout the night were well received.

flower picture

The pictures ranged from portraits and landscapes to buildings and abstracts, while the media used covered the whole range from oil to pencil. The first half a dozen or so were portraits, but viewing them together only underlined the individual styles of the participating artists.


flower picture
All who attended will surely take away suggestions and ideas that they can incorporate into their future work. If nothing else we will all understand the use of violet to highlight and modify elements of a picture. Perhaps more importantly the use of contrasts in colour shade was highlighted: using dark elements to bring out lighter areas and add depth to a picture.

abstract picture


The visit by our guest was warmly appreciated, and not only because of her favourable comments on the quality of work.

I am sure that the Guild is looking forward to another visit in the near future.

by Jon Plumley


Visit by David Rees on July 4th 2011

As the first Monday of the month, July the 4th was a Critique night (possibly more memorable for the Guild members who participated than American Independence day). We were pleased to honour David Rees as our guest and allow him the 'pleasure!' of criticising and/or possibly even praising the paintings that members had brought to the evening.

David has often been a guest of the Guild and has demonstrated his techniques on some of his former visits. Indeed he brought a selection of paintings with him on this occasion.

The painting displayed for scrutiny were varied both in the media used and the subject matter. David suggested that they were of a very good standard (and of course we would agree with him - wouldn't we!)

He was able to point out changes that may have been made to some of the painting in order to improve them. Some he suggested, could have showed more depth if the intensity of colour between foreground and background had been deeper. In other cases it was the direction of light and the necessary shadow that was not as sure as it could have been. The criticism created a certain amount of banter between the water colourists and the oil painters (i.e. Tom the Chairman and Roger the Vice chairman), but all in a good natured manner.

The evening was both profitable and enjoyable, and David was invited back for a demonstration at some date later in the year. Our thanks to our guest for his time and effort that made it such an enjoyable evening.
by Jon Plumley


Allesley Festival - Art Exhibition:  2nd and 3rd July 2011

As part of the Allesley Festival the Guild were invited to exhibit some of the members paintings. If you are not from Coventry, Allesley is a village on the outskirts of the City, and it has a real community spirit. The exhibition proved to be a great success, and a number of members sold paintings.

All Saints Church Hall, in which the paintings were displayed was an ideal venue. The Guild were not alone in providing paintings for the show, and in total 147 paintings were displayed. The standard of the work was very high, and the many visitors to the exhibition were duly impressed.

The Organisers told us that it had been proved to be one of their most successful years, and were very pleased with the outcome. The Guild too can be proud of their part and had some success, having sold some of the works on show.


Visit by Mike Thompson on May 2nd

On Monday 2nd May the Artist Mike Tompson was welcomed to Guild for an appraisal night of a selection of member's paintings. In spite of the fact that this was the culmination of the Easter break, there was a reasonable turn out.
The artworks presented varied in subject from landscape and nude to birds and flowers. They also covered a range of media including watercolour, pastel, oil, acrylic and mixed media. Mike spent time on each of the pictures presented and noted the strengths of each piece. He was also able to point out areas in which they might be enhanced.

A particular point noted by our visitor concerned the use of variation of tone from highlight to shadow. A range of tonal values can be used to give form and enhance the shape of the subjects, and also provide depth within the picture.

The evening was enjoyed by those present, and we can be assured that everyone who put their pictures up for appraisal gained something from our visitor's experience and his comments.

After such a successful evening Mike was invited back to the Guild for a contribution on a workshop night, at which he could give us a demonstration, hopefully with an opportunity for some participation be members.


Annual General Meeting 2011
Monday 7th March 2011 7-30pm

The guild is to fund the coach to this year's trip to "Art in Action" on the 21st July 201 for members (See Olive for details).
The Wednesday Workshops were the guilds main source of income and Tom would like to see more people who attend on a Monday to come and support the Wednesday Workshops. He is concerned that we may become a two part organization.
Tom will be giving us the dates times and places for the Thursday Sketching outings starting in May. Alan Smith is to resign as Publicity Officer with immediate effect. Anyone who is interested in taking his place please contact Alan who will show them what is required.
The purpose of the Website is to get the C. A. G. known to the general public who would not visit exhibitions, to encourage would be artists and the new members to come along to the workshops and demonstrations and to show off their work to existing members.
Each member can have up to 6 pictures on their page, these can be changed as and when, contact Jon directly.
No pictures are to have prices on them in the gallery. All sales would have 10% commission payable to the Guild. Sales are to be conducted between buyer and artist.
This will be run as a trial period, any problems arising from this can be brought to the attention of the committee.
The chair informed us of the dates for two forthcoming Exhibitions to be held in the Lower Precinct dates:

14th May 2011
26th November 2011

The chair invited members to bring unframed pictures and canvases to sell in our two browsers.
For more details see the A. G. M. minutes.
Information supplied by Sue Lang


Visit to Mary Griffin's Studio, Lichfield
on Saturday 16th October 2010

After a successful demonstration at the Guild's Meeting House Mary was asked if she could take a class of our members at her studio to get a better in-depth look at her techniques, this class was arranged in answer to those enquiries.
Mary was a gracious host to the ten members who took advantage of the day's tutorial.
Greeting us with wine and fruit juices for non-drinkers, Mary explained the curriculum for the day.
She supplied everything we needed including Acrylic paints, pastels, good quality paper and even pictures for the subject matter.

Every desk was laid out with water and a kitchen foil palette taped to the desks.
She started off with a simple demonstration and then set us all to work. As we started she made us tea or coffee depending on our personal preferences and then started round the room offering advice and guidance on an individual basis. This process she kept up during both the morning and afternoon session.
Mary is a gifted artist and a brilliant teacher, and although her style and technique are not for everyone, I think it is fair to say that everyone would have learned something new from the session, whether it be use of negative space, how to begin setting up a picture, measurement of the subject, setting angles, glazing, blocking in of colour to create harmony and atmosphere or simply the using of multi-media.
It was a very revealing and entertaining day, especially seeing how a professional artist and teacher thinks and goes about their work.
Thanks must go to Tom and Sue for arranging the day and a very special thanks to Mary for having us. It was a very enjoyable experience.
by Arthur Humpherston